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Welcome to the Books, Beauty and Business Site.

As directors and entrepreneurs the two of us have decades of experience in high dollar, high value revenue producing roles that have opened doors to amazing people with inspiring stories and insights into business and success.  

Our goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage others through laughter, accountability, success stories… most importantly, easy steps for achieving greatness.

Here you will find book recommendations and reviews. Each month we will provide a video summary discussing a selected book. Of course while talking about books we tend to share our beauty and health tips from the ladies.

We realized how fortunate we are to have such an amazing tribe of women in our lives and we want to share these amazing stories of perseverance, growth, friendship and inspiration.

We will discuss the books and a create a short review on the books page. 

All health and beauty tips we discuss will have more information and links on the Beauty and Health page.

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Hope you enjoy.

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