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Secrets for success…

Perfect for businesswomen of all ages. Tawnie Breaux (that's me!) creates a straightforward, get-to-the-point guide for mastering the art of self-confidence using lessons from years of experience in a male-dominated industry. As a high-value sales leader, business owner and author, her website Books, Beauty and Business ranked # 18 in most inspirational resources for small… Continue reading Secrets for success…


The Four Agreements

This book is highly recommended by so many people. And once you pick it up you will know why.  The agreements focus on important life lessons based on Toltec wisdom. These agreements will resonate with your core mental state and allow you to stand strong in knowing who you are and not letting others affect… Continue reading The Four Agreements


The Power of Thought

The Secret is a mindset. It’s a guide to intentionally focus your thoughts and energy on positive outcomes to create your best life.  The positive energy you put towards the life you want to have, the things you want to achieve and your dreams. Thinking about things is the first step in creating the reality… Continue reading The Power of Thought


Take Control of Your Life

Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game by Mel Robbins Click here to purchase  Have you ever wondered WHY you react a certain way in situations? Tears, anger, self-doubt?  Mel breaks down the walls and exposes the core issues we have all been through to show us how to… Continue reading Take Control of Your Life


Thoughts Create Your Reality

Thoughts become things is such an old idea that we sometimes forget the power behind it and how easy it is to weld. Pam Grout brings us back to the simple use of positive thought. Using studies, statistics, and experiments that prove just how much thought energy affects the environment around us. Grab this book… Continue reading Thoughts Create Your Reality


Start with Why: Simon Sinek

I had the chance to hear Simon Sinek at a Leadership Summit last year. He's smart, articulate and calmingly entertaining. This book makes you think about "why" we do/make/create anything and how those people and companies with strong "Why's" do so much better than those without. Example after example of stories of companies that flourish… Continue reading Start with Why: Simon Sinek


Southern Charm and Etiquette.

This was an easy book to listen to as Reese reads it herself. She is about as southern as you get. Her book Whiskey in a Teacup reminds me of the value of traditions, family time, manners and teaching our children how to have conversations and respect for each other. You will find yourself reflecting… Continue reading Southern Charm and Etiquette.


Rise and Shine – The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

This book will change your mornings/day for the better. Even if you think you have a pretty good morning routine, this book will level up your purpose for waking up every day. You will learn about your level ten life. Your Day will become SO much more productive, inspired and goal-centered. Your mind will start… Continue reading Rise and Shine – The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod


Creating Habits – The Easy Way

James Clear is my favorite author this month. He released a new book called Atomic Habits. The pre-sale sample was so great I recommended this before I even finished it! It was an easy read and I kept going back to reread sections over and over, it was extremely refreshing. He also creates a great… Continue reading Creating Habits – The Easy Way


Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

I just finished Dare to Lead. One of my favorite authors and local to Houston. This book takes being vulnerable to the next level. Four Minute Overview There are so many great topics to cover. My favorite was taking a second to figure out what are your two core values. Then always assess yourself against them. People that understand their… Continue reading Dare to Lead by Brene Brown